Kosten - Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten

Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten is organised in such a way that it can offer specialist knowledge and experience at a lower rate than other (large) specialist firms. As a rule, fees are invoiced on a time basis, per hour worked. It is also possible to make an all-inclusive price agreement. Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten also offers companies the opportunity to buy hours in advance for covering ad hoc questions.

As insured persons’ have the freedom to choose a lawyer, Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can also act on behalf of persons insured under legal expenses insurance at the expense of the insurance company. If a client’s income and assets are below a certain threshold, legal aid may be granted by the State.

Under both employment law and personal injury law, it is possible that the lawyer’s costs may be recovered from the opponent party, the employer and/or the liable party.

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