Emke Vreugdenhil

Employment lawyer

Emke Vreugdenhil is an employment law specialist. For more than 25 years she has been engaged in all aspects of this field. She has worked at several renowned firms and established her current practice with Esther Reijnders in 2012.

She advises and litigates on (collective) dismissals, reorganisations, employee participation, employment contracts, contracts for services, partnerships, pensions, privacy, WNT (the Dutch Standardisation of Remuneration for High-level Employees in the Public and Semi-public Sector Act), and cross-border employment. She has specialist knowledge of the combination of employment law and occupational disability; she gives annual guest lectures on this subject at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Her client base is diverse. She works for national and international companies, from large to small, statutory directors, works councils, independent contractors, employees and civil servants. For smaller companies, she is a sparring partner of the board of management; for the larger, mostly of the HR professional.

Emke loves employment law not only for its interesting legal aspects, but also for its human and relationship aspects. Clients find her to be knowledgeable, committed and approachable.

In addition to her work as an employment lawyer, she is a confidential advisor for companies and institutions. She is a member of various professional associations, such as the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland, VAAN) and the Association for Civil Servants and Law (Vereniging voor Ambtenaar en Recht, VRA). She regularly gives lectures on employment law issues. She is also a member of various business networks and associations, and currently is a board member of local broadcaster Haarlem 105.

Emke served for several years as the deputy chairman of an objections committee in Amsterdam, and served for a short period as a judge in training (RIO). Prior to entering the legal profession, she lived for a period of time in the United States and Switzerland. She currently enjoys Haarlem and its surroundings.

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