Second Opinion

If you already have a legal representative in an employment law or personal injury case, there may be a need for a view from an expert outsider. Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can give a non-binding and confidential second opinion at a fee to be agreed in advance. If you have taken out a legal expenses insurance policy, the cost of this second opinion can sometimes be met under this insurance cover.


If a representative has assisted you in proceedings before the district court and an appeal is a (possible) next step, the attorneys at Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can take care of the appeal.

Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can take over the full handling of the case. Or conduct the appeal in consultation with your previous representative, depending on the available options.

Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can also give independent advice on whether an appeal is appropriate.

Quick Scan Employment Law

With a Quick Scan, Reijnders Vreugdenhil Advocaten can quickly assess whether you meet all the requirements imposed by law on you as an employer. A questionnaire will be used in a session to map out which aspects you score sufficiently or where you are lacking. You will then receive an overview from which you can see at a glance which parts you score red, orange or green from an employment-law perspective. The cost of this scan is €500 plus VAT. After that, you agree terms about follow-up steps if you wish.

If you are interested in a Quick Scan, please contact Emke Vreugdenhil.

Confidential Advisor in cases of Inappropriate Conduct and Integrity

Emke Vreugdenhil is not only an employment lawyer but also a confidential advisor. As the name suggests, a confidential advisor has a duty of confidentiality. She can act as an external confidential advisor for companies and agencies, whether or not in addition to their own internal confidential advisors. She is a member of the Dutch National Association of Confidential Advisors (Landelijke Vereniging van Vertrouwenspersonen) and is registered with Van Oss and Partners, where she was trained as a confidential advisor. In that capacity, she can be involved in reporting inappropriate conduct or integrity issues, and can also advise on appropriate measures, such as a code of conduct or rules preventing harassment in the workplace.